Angela Bradley, our Assistant Director, joined Pied Piper in 2002 as a cooperative parent. She has served on the Board for three years and was the Substitute Coordinator in the 2007/2008 school year. She was hired on as the Enrichment Aide in 2008 and took over as Assistant Director in 2014.

President: Marika Taylor

Vice President: Dani Wilson

Secretary: Kate Starkebaum

Treasurer: Carolyn Morris

Collections: Kim Rempel

Membership: Carla Lawson and Katri Torres

Fundraising: Larissa Geleris and Laura Parker

Maintenance: Carrie McGinley, Rhonda Porter, and Ryan Ernst

Parent Representative: Cassie Dando

Liaison and Public Relations: Rose Kelly

Meet Our Teachers

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Director/Enrichment Director, Pia Griffin, received her BA in Humanistic Arts from the College of Obrero, Sweden. She is a credentialed director and teacher in early childhood education and has worked with children in both Canada and the U.S. In 1991, she became part of the staff as Enrichment Teacher and Head Substitute. Pia took over as Assistant Director in 2008 and Director in 2014.