1. What is a co-op Preschool?
A co-op preschool is a parent-participation preschool where parents can interact directly with their children, other parents and professional staff. Parents help out in the classroom on a rotating basis, usually once every two weeks, heading up different stations in the classroom (such as Kitchen duty, Science, Art Assistant, Fine Motor, etc.)

2. How old does my child need to be to attend?
Pied Piper Preschool has two classes, A Session for the younger children and B Session for the older children.

  • In order for your child to attend A Session, they must be 2 years 6 months by September 1st.
  • In order for your child to attend B Session, they must be 3 years 9 months by September 1st.

3. What days/hours would my child attend?

  • If your child is eligible for A Session, he/she would attend Tuesday/Thursday from 9:00am - 11:30am for half day or Tuesday/Thursday from 9:00 am - 2:30 pm for full day.

  • If your child is eligible for B Session, he/she would attend Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 9:00am - 11:30am for Half Day or Monday/Wednesday 9:00 am - 2:30pm and 9:00 am - 11:30 am for Full Day.

    4. How much is tuition?
    A Session Half Day $220 / month
    A Session Full Day $460 / month
    B Session Half Day $350 /month 
    B Session Full Day $590/ month

5. Is there a deposit fee?
Yes, there is a one-time application processing and deposit fee of $250 to secure your placement at the school.  If you are not accepted, the deposit will be refunded.  

6. Does my child need to be potty trained?
Potty training is NOT a requirement. We have bins for each child to keep an extra change of clothes, underwear/diaper at school. Teachers are the only ones who help with potty needs.

7. What is your discipline policy?
At Pied Piper, our goal is to allow children to grow and develop at their own rate in a comfortable and nurturing environment. Most forms of "discipline" are served in the form of redirection. Adults help the children learn to negotiate and use their words, not physical contact. The idea is to help the child learn how to work things out on their own, with assistance from the adults. This is a skill we nurture because it is an important skill, especially for those moving on to Kindergarten.

8. What are the other requirements/responsibilities of a co-op?

Along with working in the classroom several times a month, there are other requirements families are responsible for fulfilling:

  • You must hold a FAMILY JOB POSITION or a BOARD POSITION. Some examples of committee positions could be things like Gardening, Costco Purchaser, or Outside Toy Maintenance. Some examples of a board position could include Parent Representative, Collections, or Membership.

  • You must complete 8 hours of Maintenance. The first Saturday of the month is reserved for all maintenance days, 4 hours each. You will sign up at the beginning of the year and complete two days (buyout option available)

  • You must complete 6 units of Fundraising. You will be on the committee of ONE of our school's 5 fundraisers. You can also earn more units by attending the other fundraisers or participating in the Dine and Donate days at local restaurants (buyout option also available)

  • You are required to attend the monthly meetings (2 absences are allowed each school year and there is typically no monthly meeting in December and February).

9. Can I take a tour of your school?

Yes!  We ask that you please call first to talk with us and allow at least a week to schedule. Please click this link to schedule a tour. Please note; you must tour the school prior to filling out an application.

10. What is the school's peanut/allergy policy?

We are a nut-free school. Any allergies that children may have are posted for teachers and parents to reference at all times.

   What are some of the ways your program has adapted for Covid? 

Pied Piper Preschool adheres to all local, state, and national regulations regarding health and best practices.  Staff and parents are required to wear a face covering when in the class and are encouraged to socially distance during pick-up and drop-off time.  Children do not need to wear a face mask but can if they want to and can independently take on and off.  We do not provide masks for children.  The teacher will wear a face mask when they meet you on the porch for sign in/drop off procedures. The teacher will  use a no-contact scanner to check your child's temperature. Make sure to check that your child is fever free and for general  wellness before you arrive at school to keep everyone safe. If there is another family member sick at home please keep your child home from school.  Once the health check is completed, the teacher will welcome your child  into the program and direct him/her to go and wash their hands.  We will be disinfecting screening areas, door handles and other public area surfaces consistently. Children will bring their own snack food.  We will make an effort to have as many activities outside as we can.  Surfaces and toys will be sanitized and disinfected throughout the day.  A deep cleaning will be conducted daily at the end of the program.

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