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The Benefits of a Co-Op Preschool

​Why Choose Pied Piper Preschool?

Pied Piper is a happy, joyful place where your child will enjoy learning and playing. Schedule a visit and come see for yourself! Talk to parents currently enrolled; they’ll tell you how their children look forward to coming to school each day.

The facilities are exceptional! Our building and play yard are specifically designed to house a preschool. We don’t rent space, rather we own our building. This has allowed us to design both interior and exterior spaces with the developmental needs and safety of preschoolers in mind. We have recently upgraded the front exterior of the school, adding a large, welcoming front porch.

Our experienced, professional staff is terrific! Our Former Director, Maureen Straw, puts it best: “I feel the goal of early childhood education is to provide positive and sensitive relationships between adults and children. I believe these interactions will allow children to feel secure to play, learn, and experience membership in a community outside our family.”

Be an important part of your child's first school experience. Many parents have found the transition to preschool to be easier for their child (and themselves) when the parents have the chance to participate in the classroom.

Benefit from a low child-adult ratio of 3 to 3.5:1. Since parents work in the classroom, cooperative preschools are able to give students more individual attention and more supervision.

Gain new ideas for helping your child learn and develop at home and at school. The guiding philosophy of cooperative preschools is that parents are crucial to their children's development and education, not just at home but at school. Classroom participation, child development lectures, and other activities & resources are designed so that parents have the opportunity to learn & grow with their children.

Meet other families with small children and make new friends. Cooperative preschools give parents of small children a chance to interact and form lasting friendships.